Though you cry,
you are beautiful.

Though you are weary,
you are resilient in your journey.

Though you suffer,
you will survive the winter.

Though lovers have fallen away,
you have recaptured the essence of your aura.

Though you are immersed in anguish,
the fire in your eyes is not extinguished.

Though you are ridiculed,
you will emerge triumphant.

Though you endure torment,
the strength of your spirit will not relent.

Though you have wept for many seasons,
now is the time of your healing.

Though you have suffered injustice,
a reckoning is on the horizon.

Though you feel unloved,
the universe cradles you in her womb
And Polaris shines upon you.

Though you contemplate eternal sleep,
your heart still beats, and you are not weak.

Though you are sorrowful,
your spirit will not wither.

Though they try to confine you,
you are blue fire, subjugating detractors
and illuminating the darkest depths of deep waters.

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