Beautiful Intoxication

I breathe you in to expel the pain
The euphoria is immediate in my exhale
You are my drug of choice
I taste you often and my capillaries rejoice
You give me reprieve in the in-between 
Though after my hell resumes
Soon after again I consume
In my euphoria the taste of you nectar is sweeter
In my wild indulgence I lose myself
And still I seek to remain lost forever
In silent enthusiasm sheets are slowly pulled back
And sensual kisses begin
Anxiousness turns to eagerness
And you shudder again and again
In that time despondency flees and 
I find my soul wandering
Intrusion of thoughts dissipate
Intensity of intimacy takes over completely
And in the throes of your pleasure
Your hair flows over wonderfully

You are my drug of choice
A black silk robe off of your body flows
The floor is graced with remnants of your essence
I am euphoric in your presence
Anticipating the fire of sensual experience
That is to come but you must be cherished
I savor the sweetness of your flavor 
Your cup is poured out
But not without the screams of ecstasy 
My mind records the moment automatically
I know the delight you seek without you telling me
I react almost involuntarily
In my primal state I cast of all anxiety
Sorrow and melancholy are left behind me
The focus of my being is pleasing you thoroughly
You are my escape and I inhale you deeply
My immersion is long
I drown in you and I am resurrected anew
Take me away from all this pain 
And replace my desolation with exhilaration 
Even long after the aura of you lingers
In my intoxication I am consumed

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