In my agony I reach for the warmth of your comfort
But you have been gone now for three summers
In my tears I drown seeking the last remnants of your aura
Hoping somewhere in my mind they still wander
The scent of your hair I remember in its fullness and its texture
I am overcome but there will be no rescue
There will be no It’s okay honey I love you
There will be no tender kisses and reassuring whispers
There will be no crying together and the intensity of intimacy after
There will be no angel with hazel eyes
Lying next to me beautifully in all her glory
The flowers of my soul wither in need of sunlight and water
Desolation slowly moves closer and closer and the days wane
Nights are cold and the dread of my heart is spending the winter alone
Oh that I could recapture what I so sadly lost
Though I resist the heart wants what it wants
In my wretched state intrusive thoughts taunt
I’ve searched my soul three times over
And I have found that you are still my endless desire
Like holy relics I ponder as my tears fall on your pictures
I touch your face gently and send you loving whispers
It is in the late hours that I pour out my essence
Wildly dancing alone remembering the substance of your passion
I write letters to you hoping the winds of love will carry them
In my remembrance I separate you from all others
You are the one who touched me deeply
And left an indelible mark on me
Must I roam endlessly with your mark on me
While other angels shun me because of jealousy
Am I sentenced to life without the possibility of love
Do you not see that my heart burns with the fire of envy
Though I am consumed with emotion I wait patiently
But in my sorrow I die daily

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