Your aroma is as sweet as your aura.
You must be properly appreciated in my savor.
I inhale you deeply and hold my breath
For as long as I can, before release.
I am infused with you and intoxicated
in my unapologetic indulgence;
My will to please you is beyond
Even my own comprehension;
The sky could fall and still
I would be wrapped up in your ascension.
The deep waters of your soul,
Is where I take my euphoric immersion;
The black waterfall that is your hair, flows,
Brushing seductively against your contours;
The silhouette of an angel beheld in my eyes.
You strip away from me torment and agony;
I am resurrected in your affection daily —
Giving to you all that is within me uninhibitedly.
The diamonds that are your eyes shine …
I rejoice knowing that you are mine;
A love that could never be bought;
A love that they could never find.

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