Temper My Soul

The essence of me still holds you tightly in loving caress;
The stubbornness of my heart refusing to let go
Of intimate moments and kisses endless.
I am trapped in time, preserved in ice from the cold winter of loneliness;
My eyes cry … the warm tears fall.
In the clutter of my mind I clear a space for you.
You dance with me intimately and you are again mine;
Or at least for a time.
Come home with me, and let’s rekindle a once raging fire
That slowly faded to embers;
I had tried to find a way out many times, but I am lost in your rapture.
Vividly I commune with you in dreams,
But when I awake the sight of you is hard to capture.
The indelible mark you left on me is impressed upon my heart eternally.
With your hair curled and eyes bright I see you;
Your warm smile and beautiful aura
Entangling me in deep passion of rare memories.
I loved you deeply, always pouring out of myself the deep well
Of intimacy, love, and sensuality so you’d always remember me.
Oh heaven, that I could hold her once more;
That she could see solemn eyes that for so long have cried.
No, no, I must pull away and temper my desolate soul,
Lest my heart longs for you for an eternity;
But despite my constant protest, my heart no longer belongs to me.

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