The precious essence of a woman is revealed past the mere sensual appeal of her exterior. Her soul must be nurtured in the rich soil of eternal rapture with sunlight and plenty of water. In the gradual opening of her heart, she becomes a blooming flower with the intoxicating fragrance of a white gardenia. With roots firmly planted, she is unmovable even in stormy weather; her petals are delicate so you must protect her and be tender in the way you handle her. Her beauty will attract many but they could never touch her. She is a wonder and stunning in the magnificence of her color. Certainly, jealous eyes gaze upon her in the glory of her splendor. With genuine love and affection she will never wither. In the warmth of intimacy she will thrive and effortlessly survive the cold harshness of the winter. Daily, you must lovingly whisper to her even in her slumber. In divine balance, her exposure to sunlight, water and nutrients must be evenly measured. Without uprooting her, the majesty of her existence must be treasured. A perennial, year after year she is made beautiful in her renewal. The strength of love is found in patience because its foundation is gradual. Deeply rooted in compassion, our love is everlasting and her elegance eternal. 

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