Tears of the Lost

In darkness we exist yet we dance.
We pray for light showers,
But our portion is torrential rain.
Unending consternation is our pain;
We fight for our plight,
But the years seem the same.
The fire within is lit,
But the vigor of the heart wanes.
In-between torment and loving sentiments
Chronic insomniacs sleep briefly;
Even on good days eyes are still weepy.
We cry from our souls,
But there is no one to hold.
Warmth is dreamed of,
But stark reality is cold;
Even the children weep with stories untold.
Oh dear heaven, comfort them
And let their wings unfold.
White doves fly against a clear blue background
And are a signal for hope.
We have been lost, as strong tides 
Pull us further and further from the shore.
We wade in deep blue waters and dream 
Of a place where we weep no more.

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