Now, I Remember You

The rare thoughts in-between are the most precious memories.
Though you faded away from me, in my mind your aura is pristine.
You were lost in the debris of my mind, but somehow I stumbled upon you.
For a night I communed with the joy of our past and kisses in spring grass,
But to keep you rare and valuable I placed you back were I found you.
You are lost again to me, but my consolation is knowing you are there.
Every now and then I will try to find you, with love and streaming tears.
Still, I carry you in my heart … you infiltrate my four chambers, 
And I fiercely try to pull away stubbornly;
But then in my sleep I reach for you with tearful longing unknowingly.
I am prideful in my open oratory, but secretly I want you to see me.
I long for sleep so I can dream and once again touch you with sincerity;
You were dead to me, but now in your glory you are resurrected in my memories. 

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