The Passion of Your Rapture

Sensuality is weighed in measured moans;
The poetry of the movement of your body
Highlights your gorgeous tone.
I must dive into deeper waters to explore you further;
To release your essence,
I must take you to heights of ethereal pleasure.
If only silk sheets and plush comforters could whisper …
In its consistency honey is sweet,
But the taste of the fullness of your lips is sweeter.
Your release is akin to a thirsty man
Crawling in a desolate desert who finally found water.
We were once just lovers, but now we are in love with each other.
You are beautiful in your appearance ,
But to the scent of your perfume alone I would surrender.
With slow movements though I am eager, I write you mental love letters.
Your calm voice is like pink lilies on still waters;
The summary of our story is two Sagittarius hearts who found each other
And merged their fires together.
Alone we are still red flames, but together our blue flame burns brighter.
Talk to me sweetly my love, and let me bask in your sensual whisper.
You are a goddess with brown eyes, curled black waterfalls, 
And an ankle bracelet standing 5′ 5″ in your natural stature.
Our love is enjoyed in passionate moments and savored hours after.
The beauty of your aura are the pretty tones of your laughter;
Forever in your embrace I am enraptured.

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