Discovering our true selves, we are the light that shines;
We are angels adorned in white with diamonds in our eyes.
A dream long sought and finally realized —
On that day we shall be transformed and beautifully reborn
Leaving behind forlorn, fear and the sorrowful years of many tears;
Embracing the shedding of our old shells, becoming butterflies
In the sunlight of the summertime, gently coming to rest
On broad leaves under shady trees, feeling the wind blow 
Over and under our wings, listening to Blue Jays sing,
Dauntlessly displaying our gorgeous array of colors
And preparing to fly again. 

3 thoughts on “Transfiguration

      1. not a problem. i think it’s only courteous to let the writer know what my thoughts are about a piece of writing shared, or how it made me feel. after all, that’s why we publish isn’t it? to connect? to reach out? and to hope that people are moved by our words. i like to let writers know that i’ve read the piece and how it moved me. this piece moved me. thank YOU x

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