Oh you men of war, will you not fight?
You scribes and poets, will you not write?
You sorrowful and desolate, will you not tell of it?
You great orators and storytellers,
Will you not let your voices be heard?
You lovers of decadence, will you not indulge?
You long downtrodden and desolate,
Will you not state your claim in angered passion?
You upright men of valor, will you not give your lives for your children?
You beautiful mothers, will you not be their comfort and their strength?
You aged ones with beautiful silver hair,
Will you not impart your wisdom upon us and tell us of the years?
You eagles, will you not soar and spread your wings in heavenly winds?
You rivers and streams, will you not be my peace?
You tempestuous seas, are you not blue and deep?
You who hold back long held tears, will you not weep?
You of my kin who have gone on before me,
Do you not live through me?
You who have been kissed and held by me,
I love you deeply, can you not see?

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