Oh the Weeping of Men

From his soul he weeps.
Tears in the darkness are unseen,
But heaven hears his cries.
The wailing of white doves
Carry the song of his perpetual pain.
In eternal rain, the heaviness of his cross
Is saturated with water and dragged in mud;
The presentation of his torment 
is the shedding of blood.
The earth shakes violently 
From the souls trapped in misery.
Alone in desolation, 
The darkness is his only witness.
It is when pain is concealed,
That the hideous scars of time
Cause horrid astonishment
When finally revealed.
The faces of the sorrowful 
Upon the eyes are permanently 
Seared and in the mind indelible.
In his stature he is majestic.
He dreams of reaching heaven’s gates
And riding on the wings of the angels.  

Antonio Vivaldi – Nisi Dominus 

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