Illianna’s Lament

Illianna’s lament:

I have given of myself, yet they betray me.
I have loved them unconditionally, yet they would slay me.
I have comforted them in winter’s bitter cold,
And from me they have taken and stole.
I have nurtured them and held them closely,
Yet they harbor ill will toward me.
I have laid them against my chest
And comforted them in sweet caress, 
Yet their eyes are filled with bitterness.
I have talked to them soft spoken,
but still they desire for my heart to be broken.
Love, why do you beguile me?
I have given them, everyone last one, pieces of me,
And they have left me empty.
In the vessel that is me, it is only tears I carry.
Love, come by and knock on my door;
Give to me what I have been searching for,
For alone in the longest winter I tarry.
I cry out to the heavens;
My ululating echoes penetrate the galaxy.

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