The Love of an Angel

We have cried together.
We have communed on midnight
Until the dawning of the morning light.
We’ve made love in the warmth of the summer
Under the glow of the moonlight.
You are my strength; you are my life.
Our light will never be extinguished;
Among women you are certainly distinguished.
Our love has flourished like a flower
In the warmth of the spring,
After the bitter cold of the winter.
In your house of love
You have allowed me to enter;
Forever they will write about us
In beautifully layered chapters.
Our story whispered under lamp light
And passed down for generations.
Let us come together in harmony
For without you there is no me.
For long I had prayed for love to find me
And then on that day an angel came to me
And told me softly,

For long I have watched you;
And now that I am here
Open up to me and let me love you.
You can show me your vulnerability
And trust me.
My intentions are pure
And in me there is no fear;
Let me kiss you now 
And wipe away your tears.

I said,

My love I trust you.
And with everything that 
Is in my heart
I now give to you.
For so long I had longed for you;
My angel you are the woman
Of my heart’s desire.
You are my song;
You are my fire.
Our love will survive;
We will thrive through the hottest summer
And the bitter chill of the coldest winter.
Without looking back,
In your house of warmth I now enter.

From this day forth
We are now bound together.
Neither life, nor death,
Nor the whisper 
Of an envious breath,
Can Break us apart
Or tear us asunder.

For you are mine,
And I am yours

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