The Ethereal Chronology

The angels cry tears of joy over fuchsia skies
Galaxies come together in endless time
The wailing of doves trying to ascend
Past earth’s atmosphere pierces the heavens
A full moon reflects the sun’s light in awesome wonder
The bonds of fear and sorrow are torn asunder
A new song is sung where the eagles gather
The bears come out of hibernation
To witness the redemption of a nation
Children marvel at their new white wings
And eagerly take their ascension
The dark crows gather together on wires in unison caw
Ravens clean their dark feathers and curiously look on
Lost loves find each other and instantly new life is born
Polaris generously gives of her light
The earth is beautiful under the brightness of the starlight
Aphrodite kisses Adonis and weeps in agony
Hades summons Persephone and shakes the underworld
A sword and shield of solid gold
Graces the adornment of the archangel Michael 
The earth spins on it’s axis and repeats the same cycle 
The other planets envy the Earth’s bounty
Mercury whispers to Venus in jealousy

Their Solemn Cry

If I am lost, find me;
If I am misguided, tell me;
If I stumble on my path, walk with me;
If I wallow in self doubt, encourage me;
If I am fearful, embolden me;
If I have been led astray, lead me;
If I have been dispossessed, restore me;
If I am in need, render to me;
If I cry uncontrollably, comfort me;
If I am misunderstood, lend an ear to me;
If I am depressed, uplift me;
If I suffer from anxiety, please understand me;
If I struggle with OCD, do not repudiate me;
If I battle PTSD, do not abandon me;
If I say I hate myself, tell me you love me;
If I show my vulnerability, don’t hurt me;

If I am near the edge, just talk to me;
If I am cold, wrap your arms around me;
If I lash out, please know it’s not the real me;
If I say I am sorry, please forgive me;
If you’re thinking about leaving,
Please don’t leave me.

I Burn

At night a jealous tide rises.
Looking at old pictures my mind drifts.
A flood of torment then comes 
In the form of ‘what-ifs.’
In the arms of another she now abides;
Memories hearken back to that
Loving gleam in her beautiful eyes.
My spirit must be tempered,
But my heart tells me otherwise.
Many lovers have come and gone,
So why for her does my soul still yearn?
The mysteries of love are far too
Complex for one to learn.
In the interim between rue
And finding love again, I burn.


The Final Unmasking

In unison they all removed their masks slowly
Free from the bonds of society;
En masse they took to the streets
With uncontrollable laughing, wailing and incessant screams,
Realizing uninhibited dreams to find their release;
With the hideous scars of long hidden suffering unveiled,
Pain was revealed in its rawest form;
Their faces streaming with tears, scarred and worn;
In the light, one by one they came forth, and they were beautiful. 
They were so beautiful.



In passionate plea I ask of thee,
What more do you want of me?
In winters cold and years of old
I persevered and paid the toll.

And now I leave you are bereaved
From though not death but angered breaths.
My spirit yearns for peace renewed;
For me to live I must purge you.