Silence Falls

In the night’s darkness under a full moon alone he cries.
The night breeze on his face he feels, as the winds shake the trees.
As tears stream he looks up at the sky and falls on his knees,
And with a loud voice he screams, Oh no god please.

For to know his love is gone is torture and forlorn. 
In his weeping, tears cover the golden locket he had given her;
The blood of his love permeates his clothing and touches his skin.
He had found her, with blood around her, eyes open.
He picked her up and held her, and kissed her tender,
And tried to resurrect her with all his will;
But on that night, in her beauty, his angel lay still.

He will carry her; with a heavy heart eternally he will carry her.
In the night, he will reach for her and she will not be there.
On the pillow she slept are the strands of her hair.
In the space she lay, now he lies and says a quiet prayer;
On her pillows and hair, fall the drops of his tears.

His Prayer:
                      Oh God, please open heaven’s gates,
                      As I now in your hands place my fate,
                      For she is my heart and without my heart I cannot live.
                      I have wept and I have cried with nothing left to give.
                      My angel has been taken away from me,
                      And now I again seek to see her in your glory.
                      For my sins and my many transgressions please forgive me,
                      As I leave this world to write the rest of my story.
                      Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God please hear me.       

                                   He lies still. From open eyes tears still spill.
                                                          Silence Falls.              


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