The Eternal Oath (kindred brothers)

It is love and loyalty that shall eternally bind us;
Let only health, wealth, love and perpetual life find us.
May we always find each other in ordained destiny.
May your rain be my rain;
May your joy be my joy
And may your pain be my pain.
If you should fall,
Your name through me forever will be proclaimed.
Fire shall not burn us 
And time shall not turn us.
If we should fall together,
Then it is together they shall mourn us.
Your enemies shall be my enemies;
We are eternally woven and interlocked
And to each other’s lives we shall forever hold the keys.
If you are wounded in the field, 
Brother I will find you 
Through the blood on the leaves
And with life I will bind you
And we shall make our escape through the trees.
Our bloodline is unbreakable;
Let us now come together
And commune at the round table,
And swear an eternal oath
For we are not only brothers in blood
But also brothers in spirit and heart;
We will not be moved or shaken
For we are iron against iron 
And shall never be broken or torn apart.
In blood let this oath be written;
If one of us should break this sacred promise
Let us here and now vow to be smitten,
And our names removed from the book of eternal vows 
Never again spoken or written.
In everything I have vowed I swear to you all, and to the heavens.

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