Two Fires of Passion

You haunt my desire
It is you that I want
My lust for you is unbridled
And I care not
Let the world stare 
I’m intoxicated by you
In sultry nakedness you lie
You must be savored
The taste of you must linger
For I will replay our tryst for a millennium
The mere silhouette of you
Is a testament of my want 
Let your hair down slowly
Allow me to see the beauty 
Of the contrast of a waterfall
Against a deep valley 
Seductive touches of your contour is just an appetizer
I will take you to the highest floors of pure pleasure
Open up to me completely and trust me
For your mind in mine 
I will take you in flight through my amorous dreams
Softly you lie in fuchsia silk
As you moan uninhibited by peaceful streams
The desires of your womanhood often misunderstood
Are the drivers of my passionate intent
You are wild and untamed in my presence
I will unwrap you slowly for you are my present
Give to me of your love my love
If tears might fall from my eyes they are tears of passion
In pleasing you I have found the ultimate satisfaction
The sounds of your pleasure potently increase my primal desire
You are fire and I am fire intensely we burn and come together
The beauty of you my sweet
Oh the beauty of your unbridled femininity moves me 
With every soft kiss my mind records our movie
With every deep and passionate thrust I look into your eyes intently
Let go of every constraint and release your lustful desires to me
Erotic echoes are loudly released
As you tell me you love me before your final release 

You kiss me deeply and passionately
Your primal instinct flows unrestrained and wildly

The taste of you …
This moment will be savored and replayed for an eternity.

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