Passionate twilight

The winds of stormy seas blow against my tears. I wildly dance in trance like state in the dusk of the twilight. The sand is cool beneath my feet. A fire is lit. Tonight I commune with the stars and the night’s sky. I will sup and make merry as if you were here with me. The memory of your beauty and smile elevate me in euphoric reminisce. The way you touched me and the length and scent of your hair lead to feelings inside me that cannot be expressed in words or writings even by the most eloquent of orator and writer. The most expressive works of literature could hardly grasp or capture, the feelings of you. 

My love, I am caught up in your rapture; in my flesh I am constrained to dwell here in this wilted existence and cold world without your warmth. Echo my name in dreams and reach for me. Illuminate me in your loving light and release me from my torment. For what is living or what is life without you? I live on in your memory. I love you. I will always love you. I hope you can hear me.

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