A Child’s Eyes

I am a child of the night
Hear my growls of hunger
See the pain that I suffer
Witness the eyes that have 
Seen what can never be unseen
Hear my cries 
Look into my soul and see
The dark secrets that 
I withhold from my mother
See my tears and the hurt 
That I daily suffer
Witness the pain inflicted
By a real life monster
Who causes great harm
And nights of insomnia 
Record my dreams of 
being a bird in flight
And escaping the torture
See the scars on my mind 
And on my soul
Witness the physical and mental
Trauma that takes a double toll
See the land of peace
That my mind has devised
Where there is no more pain
Only love and clear blue skies
Hear the screams that awaken
Me at night
The bad dreams, the fear, the fright
See my Christmas list to Santa for toys,
And for the suffering to go away
To be accepted by my peers at school
who tell me I’m not wanted,
And exclude me from their play
See my poverty and the laughter in class
From boys and girls of a different class
Feel my anger and feel my pain 
Feel my sadness walking home in the rain
See my ideations of not wanting
To be here anymore
Looking at cars go by 
Wishing I wasn’t poor
See the feelings of pain
And revenge that I hide
That I’ve never told, and eat me up inside

This cold cold world is no place for a child
I’m sorry I have to go; the street lights are on
Mom says I have to come inside.

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