In weeping I have found my strength;
In suffering I have found my endurance.

The world may burn
but my feet shall not be scorched.
Like seagrass I will move to and fro 
in violent tides but shall be at peace.
In my weariness I will remember 
The comfort of my mother;
In my darkness I will unrepentantly 
And angrily curse the name of my father.
I shall be uninhibited; I will not be contained;
I shall not be swayed; 
Like a giant oak tree I shall stand
Alone in sprawling glory. 
I will not wither, but thrive.
I will not fold, but flourish.
Precious memories will sustain me,
And the love in my heart shall nourish me.
Vile words and bad intentions
Shall not prevail against me.
I am a mangrove forest anchored in deep waters.
Like the Harpy Eagle,
I will be extremely focused and resolved.
I will not be shaken;
I shall not be bound.

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