Dark stillness abounds but still restful sleep seems to evade.
Tears run on soft pillows; the agony of the dark early morning
inflicts even more anxiety than the night before. Light is sought
but dark curtains are drawn to shield the eyes from the pain of
slow adjustment. Weary eyes have become accustomed to 
the darkness. The years of praying no longer suffice. An existence
is what is left … he wants to live again … he wants to touch the sky.

The darkness plagues unmercifully and darkens dreams.
The suffering increases slowly year after year. The seasons come 
and go, and he has forgotten his age. Turmoil is made manifest
in the frailty of his body. He remembers the comfort of his mother,
and yearns for her presence; to comfort himself he whispers 
her favorite hymns.  He’s become a vampire that wants embrace
the light again, but will the light accept him or confine him to 
eternal darkness? He takes a shower to start the day.

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  1. Hnmm! Don’t we all go through this once a while. Darkness or void-ness spreads all over but it’s not that hyper too. Well written 💙


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