Blue Diamond

Kiss me and move my spirit;
I love you with a love I can hardly fathom.
Move my heart in winter’s tempest
And touch my soul on warm summer nights.
The heavens know I would die for you;
Together we have walked the path of love and sorrow;
You are my angel —
Your white wings are spread and I am comforted;
Only you know my hurt and my deep pain.
Caress my face and bring me back to life.
If I should die, let me die telling you that I love you;
Your tears of joy move me to emotion,
And we cry together.
Let us not be separated in this life or the next;
Neither strife, nor blight, nor hardship, nor suffering,
Nor whispers, nor lies,
nor the cast of unapproving eyes ever separate us.
Ours is a marriage of the heart and soul;
We look into each other’s eyes,
And our vows are exchanged in silent intimacy,
And everlasting passion.
We are our own rings;
We are our own symbols of love.
Let us lie together and please each other 
Without inhibition and with extreme intent;
Your beauty is akin to a flawless natural blue diamond;
I will savor the rareness of you. Forever I love you.

Hear Them

The last tear is shed. Wide eyes stare but see nothingness. Her makeup is perfect; her eyes, a beautiful shade of green. Lush long golden brown hair hangs off the back of a chair like a beautiful waterfall; a beautiful and solemn song plays in the background but she cannot hear it. The complexity of her, the potency of her love, her intricacies … 

Hear their love for you in their weeping and the stories they tell of you. Hear them whisper your name in the twilight and in the darkness of night. Hear the songs sung about your many exploits, and about your wonderful spirit. You are indelible upon them; you are sealed upon their memory.

The beauty of you … my god, the beauty of you.

You live; you yet live.

Dark stillness abounds but still restful sleep seems to evade.
Tears run on soft pillows; the agony of the dark early morning
inflicts even more anxiety than the night before. Light is sought
but dark curtains are drawn to shield the eyes from the pain of
slow adjustment. Weary eyes have become accustomed to 
the darkness. The years of praying no longer suffice. An existence
is what is left … he wants to live again … he wants to touch the sky.

The darkness plagues unmercifully and darkens dreams.
The suffering increases slowly year after year. The seasons come 
and go, and he has forgotten his age. Turmoil is made manifest
in the frailty of his body. He remembers the comfort of his mother,
and yearns for her presence; to comfort himself he whispers 
her favorite hymns.  He’s become a vampire that wants embrace
the light again, but will the light accept him or confine him to 
eternal darkness? He takes a shower to start the day.

See Me Now

See me now.
See me in my wretchedness;
See me in my pain.
See the eyes that have seen struggle,
And the nights of dark rain.
See me in my anxiety;
See me in my tears;
See the toll of heavy burdens
I have carried over the years.
See the life that is within me;
See the deep hurt that I carry daily.
See me in tattered clothes on the street
Begging passersby for money.
See me in abject poverty;
See my illness that is invisible to many.
See me sleeping on church steps in the winter;
See me wishing for peace and eternal slumber.
See my hopes and see my dreams;
See me in linen white
Resurrected in light by a peaceful stream.

I Miss You

In your eyes I wanted to be a good son. In my eyes you were a god.
In a sea of black a young boy sits quietly in solid oak church pews.
Young eyes stare at stillness as it lies. The agony of reality encompasses
Like tall waves in dark seas.
In that moment your last words are remembered:

“You are a good son”

Tears fall.