The World of Men

I am perturbed; the underbelly of the darkness disturbs. The wantonness of man is manifest in the foul smelling mire of blackness deep within the soul. The chambers of the heart are corroded with unbridled wickedness and deceit. The beast of envy roams unceasingly devouring the light. Angry spirits seek peace to unload their burden ofย  hatred. The world spins on its axis as the winds of hell seek to blow her inhabitants into the abyss of no return. The angels descend in the hundreds of millions and spread their wings to shield the earth. Roaming souls eerily moan; the sorrowful cry out to release their pain; the underworld is shaken.

Heaven hears their cries, but Hades laughs in sinister iniquity. Lady justice swings her sword in blind fury. Gold leaf weaved through her long hair and a gleaming white robe is her adornment. Fire burns within me. The dark crow looks on. We are fragile. We are all weighed in the balance. The hearts of men reveal their innermost secrets as they are seen in blue light. The hour is upon us.

Leviathan swims the deepest and darkest waters. Tears of the tormented saturate the earth. Her soil is rich with their memories.ย  The testament of the sorrowful and tormented are recorded in the book of blood and tears; they will be restored in joy and happiness; they will be resurrected anew in light. A child is born in his mother’s agony. She screams as life is pushed through her womb; he has made it from darkness into the light. In the night’s sky Polaris shines in prominence. Let the journey begin.

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