The World of Men

I am perturbed; the underbelly of the darkness disturbs. The wantonness of man is manifest in the foul smelling mire of blackness deep within the soul. The chambers of the heart are corroded with unbridled wickedness and deceit. The beast of envy roams unceasingly devouring the light. Angry spirits seek peace to unload their burden of  hatred. The world spins on its axis as the winds of hell seek to blow her inhabitants into the abyss of no return. The angels descend in the hundreds of millions and spread their wings to shield the earth. Roaming souls eerily moan; the sorrowful cry out to release their pain; the underworld is shaken.

Heaven hears their cries, but Hades laughs in sinister iniquity. Lady justice swings her sword in blind fury. Gold leaf weaved through her long hair and a gleaming white robe is her adornment. Fire burns within me. The dark crow looks on. We are fragile. We are all weighed in the balance. The hearts of men reveal their innermost secrets as they are seen in blue light. The hour is upon us.

Leviathan swims the deepest and darkest waters. Tears of the tormented saturate the earth. Her soil is rich with their memories.  The testament of the sorrowful and tormented are recorded in the book of blood and tears; they will be restored in joy and happiness; they will be resurrected anew in light. A child is born in his mother’s agony. She screams as life is pushed through her womb; he has made it from darkness into the light. In the night’s sky Polaris shines in prominence. Let the journey begin.

Children of Fire

We danced wildly on god forsaken nights
Making our way through the rot and decay of urban blight
Through the fire we walked side by side
And held each other as we cried
We no longer looked to the skies
But found strength in each other’s youthful eyes
Let all that are gone be reminisced in wondrous dreams
In our hearts we hold you in high esteem

We all love you

We will search for you and find you in the starlight
We are the children of fire
The motherless and fatherless born of pain
Children of the night wild and untamed
Oh the pain that we endured
The horrors that tender eyes had seen
It was the fire in us that kept us warm on freezing nights
We will cross that peaceful stream 
And at that beautiful gathering reunite
Let all our memories be resurrected in light

Silence Lies

Silence lies;
Then comes weeping and wailing 
The incessant cries.
Terrified eyes shed tears
looking down upon wide open eyes.

Tears drop onto, and stream down the face of the lifeless
as if the lifeless cries in a state of perfect stillness.

The screams and wails of the left behind
scorch the morbid silence.
Onlookers fill the room.
Some mumble incoherently
as if they’re in some nightmarish daze.

Suddenly the mortality of man
Is counted and measured in dreadful wonder.
Minds start to think of the darkness,
And search for immediate refuge.
The light, oh that beautiful light.

The wails become distant
As the room empties.
The crying fades.
Only mute pictures in frames are left to witness.
Again, Silence lies.

Eternal Strings

An old blind man sways as if in a trance as he plays the strings of the harpsichord. His skeletal frame like a thin pine tree in hurricane winds. Strands of thin grey hair swing from side to side; his frail hands show large discolored veins and expose protruding bone against thin skin. The iris and pupils of his eyes are cloudy white. His eyes transfixed. He plays the song of a story only he knows. The strings of the harpsichord haunt his memories and recall the days of sorrow and a love he once knew. He cannot cry because there are no tears left to be given. His torment are his memories; still he plays beautifully.  The ghostly eyes of the dark crow watch from the shadows.