Desideria Cordis

I had waited for her in my dreams for a thousand years. My bones cried out from that desolate and dry place where men perish and are forgotten. She came to me; I was not deserved of her love, but she came to me. Only the tears of a man could tell such things of the heart. The depths of me were a dry well but she poured out her soul to me and I became an oasis.

 My love, kiss me with a kiss the gods themselves would be envious of; let them be jealous of our love. The scent of you is like an expansive field of white gardenias; the length and beauty of your hair is like a waterfall in a lush rain forest; the sincerity of your eyes impassions me, and moves me to tell you secrets of long held feelings for you; your lips are as sweet as honey and soft as rose petals in the morning dew. 

Together we will cross the night seas just you and I; your hair blowing in the summer wind. The moonlight reflecting on your shimmering beauty is a sight to behold. The natural essence of you … words can’t adequately describe. In this moment, in this precious moment, I vow a vow to you. Let the moon and the stars be witnesses and let the night seas record my words and my feelings for you. I love you. If there were ever a time that you may not have known: I love you with all my heart.

Kiss me now, and let me live again. Reborn in love, and anew in the sunshine of your smile.

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