Passionate Winter

Strands of hair and the scent of you linger –
I thought it was in the spring,
But we had found love in the winter.
Tears of my love for you fall on paper;
I beseeched the heavens to find the words
To write you a beautiful letter –

Another winter has come,
And there is no warmth to be found.
I cleave to the memories of you;
The scent of you infuses my blood
To the point of utter insanity.
I have become a madman for your love –

Take me; do as you will, for I am yours.
Passionate love come and take me above the clouds,
And let me kiss the starlight –
My love, let us lie together in lilac fields
and find intimacy never explored,
As you wear the colors of white and indigo –

If your love has been taken by another,
I will await you on the other side for an eternity.
You will be my flower that I will nurture and water –
Spring after spring, I will await your bloom;
I will call your name in my dreams,
And passionately sing to you under a wolf moon.

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