Loving Warmth

The fires of fear rage against me. I will look to the mountains and valley streams for peace and reprieve. I will call on your name in the evening while walking through vast fields of cherry blossom trees. Let the starlight bear witness to the peace that overcomes my countenance; let the moon and the stars see the love in my heart that pours out for you. My love, kiss me deeply and tell me a story of two lovers who lived a dream and died in each others arms. I will sing a new song to you in a whispering tone while you are asleep, and run my fingers gently through your long hair. Darling, your countenance is that of an angel. Let us sleep in lush open fields so that the moonlight can illuminate your beautiful face. Let the night’s sky look down upon us and be envious of our love. You are my heart. You are my life. Your femininity has captured me for perpetuity. The way you draw me close to you with hands soft as silk; the way you softly kiss me as if I were in an eternal dream. The scent of your freshly washed hair and  the scent of your perfume captures the essence of you. The color of your lipstick is in beautiful contrast with the tone of your skin. Your earrings and necklace set you in elegant array. My weary head resting in your bosom is a comfort that could never be described. I listen to your heartbeat and fall asleep as if I were a child. Close to your heart is were I will always be. You are my heart and I am yours. We are no longer two, but have become one. In the midst of my darkness, you are the moon, stars, and the sun. 

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