Warmth and Darkness

In darkness, you wrap me in your warmth and hold me tightly.
You nourish me with love and kind words of inspiration. 
With Affection, you rub me gently and speak to me in soft tones.
In tempest and sorrow you are my strength, and place of refuge.
Day by day, I grow strong in your never ending affection.
In your womb, I am comforted.

The Walk

Tortured spirits bellow. The wretched place gives up its cries. Contorted faces stare intently through the soul with wide eyes. Zombie like figures through muffled cries, point with apprehension to where the toxic billows rise. The blue skies turn grey; the smoke overtakes the sunlight and all is covered in darkness. A red ribbon is caught up in the foul wind and swallowed by it. My lamp is heavy and my kerosene is low. Shadowy figures move in and out of the smoke filled darkness to and fro. The unbearable sounds of anguish go up into the clouds and are infused with the toxic smoke. The stench of it reeks; the sounds of sadness and unfulfilled dreams cause me to weep. The darkness inhales the smoke and is euphoric in its exhale. It is intoxicated with the sounds of suffering. The earth is heavy with the saturated tears of the oppressed. The oceans roar in anger and the earth’s core erupts. Measured steps are taken, lest I fall into perpetuity. Crows fly overhead en masse. The realm is turned into black pitch. The treacherous bridge swings and sways as I attempt to walk over the abyss. Save my dimly lit lamp, I am blind in the darkness. Crippling apprehension fills the void. I am consumed in desolation. I recite the works of Dickinson and Poe. With heaviness of heart, I will write works of my own torment and sorrow. I will walk in the dark and horrid place and blend in with the shadows, in hopes that hopelessness won’t know.

Walls witness tears in dark rooms.
Debilitating illness drains strength
And leaves one listless and withered.
The venom of fear infiltrates bloodstream
And relentlessly infuses itself.
Movements are slow and measured.
Lethargy renders the once youthful
Spirit to ashes and dust;
The chaos of the mind is manifested.
War rages behind bloodshot eyes.
Days of the week are forgotten
And become useless and irrelevant.
The sun is not felt or seen for months.
Time is measured in moments of reprieve.
The toxicity of it is potent, and unforgiving.
Pain is purged through tears and loud cries.
Thoughts of existence are contemplated
And weighed in the balance.

2 A.M.

At 2 A.M. she does her dance,
Her eyes of sorrow hidden by euphoric trance.
She does her best to entertain the crowd;
Wide eyes they glare, and the shouts are loud;
Her fluid movements cause money to rain,
For the dirty bills are her source of gain.
It’s behind the eyes, oh those weary eyes,
Where her soul seeks warmth, and her spirit cries.
Her passion is singing; her passion is life;
Still she walks in heels on a winter’s night,
To make a living the only way she has known,
For the long dark road has become her home.
She is mentally afflicted, because she is a victim
Of abuse in her childhood, when pain was inflicted.
Her tears are the tears of an angel …
She longs for understanding; she longs for light;
For a heavenly shelter from the cold of night.
As she strips her clothes, pain strips her soul;
Only the familiar eyes of her sorrow would know.
She is an angel. A beautiful woman.
At 2 A.M. she is still a woman.

Loving Warmth

The fires of fear rage against me. I will look to the mountains and valley streams for peace and reprieve. I will call on your name in the evening while walking through vast fields of cherry blossom trees. Let the starlight bear witness to the peace that overcomes my countenance; let the moon and the stars see the love in my heart that pours out for you. My love, kiss me deeply and tell me a story of two lovers who lived a dream and died in each others arms. I will sing a new song to you in a whispering tone while you are asleep, and run my fingers gently through your long hair. Darling, your countenance is that of an angel. Let us sleep in lush open fields so that the moonlight can illuminate your beautiful face. Let the night’s sky look down upon us and be envious of our love. You are my heart. You are my life. Your femininity has captured me for perpetuity. The way you draw me close to you with hands soft as silk; the way you softly kiss me as if I were in an eternal dream. The scent of your freshly washed hair and  the scent of your perfume captures the essence of you. The color of your lipstick is in beautiful contrast with the tone of your skin. Your earrings and necklace set you in elegant array. My weary head resting in your bosom is a comfort that could never be described. I listen to your heartbeat and fall asleep as if I were a child. Close to your heart is were I will always be. You are my heart and I am yours. We are no longer two, but have become one. In the midst of my darkness, you are the moon, stars, and the sun.