We Will Prevail

In the face of fear let us hold onto our light;
In our darkest hours we will prevail against the horrors of the night.

Though we are sorrowful, we are spirited;
Though we may fear, our hearts will not fail;
Though our crosses are heavy, we will not falter;
Though we shed tears, our hearts are filled with love;
Though we are misunderstood, we will persevere;
Though we may be unloved, we will find the strength to love ourselves.

Neither fear, nor sorrow, nor doubt, nor tribulation, nor fire, or deep waters stop our resolve.

Let our names be written in gold and read aloud in heaven’s roll.
Let the world stare upon us in jealousy and wonder.
Let us, the sorrowful, meet at that peaceful river and cry in each other’s arms.
Let us all link and hold each other in love as we silently turn our heads to the sky and look at the starlight.

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