Contemplating Love

Love. A word often overused and incorrectly defined.

Love. A word often betrayed by the actions of those claiming to intimately know it.

Love. A powerful mover of emotions.

Love. A word often used for selfish gain.

Love. A word trampled on and defiled by unscrupulous deceivers.

Love. Something to be valued and protected.

Love. Something worth fighting for.

Love. Something that can sometimes be unfathomable to the human mind.

Love. The embodiment of the word is a wonderful thing to behold.

Love. Some think they truly know it, but have never experienced it.

Love. The essence of it is more beautiful than diamonds and brings me to tears.

Love. To know it, is to know passion.

Love. The emotions of it will cause the heart to beat faster.

Love. The meaning of the word can be expressed in many ways. 

Love. A precious gift worthy of veneration.

Love. I will speak it. I will live in it. I will give it.

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