Heartfelt Emotions

Your love has touched my soul;
In my final hour, I will remember our time together;
I will kiss you with the kiss of eternal love
Let us recall our first encounter; let us savor our first kiss
I will tell the angels of you; I will tell the heavens of your wondrous love
Look into my eyes and kiss me passionately, 
Let me feel your fire once again within me
Stare upon me lovingly and see my tears of deep emotion
I am moved to passion at the thought of you
The stars and the moon look down upon us in awesome wonder
Darling, your face is like a wonderful dream in light and beautiful splendor
I have given you my heart, and made vows to you for an eternity
We are inseparable in this life, and in the life to come
You are the beauty of beauties; You are a rose in a place of desolation
Your smile is like sunshine, and your heart is like heaven’s light
Place your hands on my face and let me feel your warmth
Your comfort is indescribable; It is a thing of wonder
My love, let us renew our vows and watch the sunrise
I can see the twelve gates of heaven as I look into your eyes
Let the earth shake and the heavens be moved as our names are lovingly written in the skies.

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