Two horses stand still in deafening silence. They begin a slow walk as the carriage of the fallen is drawn. A sea of black follows behind in solemn state. Sobbing can be heard as tears fall from sorrowful eyes. Black satin gloves and silk kerchiefs wipe the tears away. The walk is not long, but the anguish of separation is fully realized in those final moments. Hands are held and comfort is given. Behind dark shades and black veils, the streaming of tears is endless. The manifestation of sorrow in it’s rawest form causes the heart to break. The red and teary eyes of the sorrowful gaze off into the distance in trance like state. In silence, their hearts cry out to the heavens in search of solace and healing.  Doves are released; their whiteness is contrasted against the blueness of the sky. A red rose is thrown and a final prayer is whispered.

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