Thoughts of Love

Love, please do not forsake me
Invigorate my spirit and awake me
Let me see the sun shine again
Rescue me from the depths of hell
Let me kiss you with a kiss of longing
Revive me and embrace me in your warmth
Let us spend many wonderful seasons together
Let me forget my pain and find reprieve in you
Allow me to sleep gently in your arms and find rest in you
I will not be ashamed when calling your name
I will make clear my proclamations for you on the highest mountains
I will await your presence with patience and eager anticipation 
A peaceful warmth comes over me at the though of your comfort
Love, let us slow dance together in the dusk of the twilight
After the twilight, let us lie in lush fields and kiss under the starlight
Let me pour out my heart to you and tell you of my troubles
Let me speak to you in soft tones, and whisper passionate words 
Allow me to release my pain and cry tears of sorrow in your presence 
I will tell you of my loss and my plight: I will tell you of my struggle and fight
Be patient with me and look past my many faults, for I am but a man
Love, whisper beautiful thoughts to me under the shade of a giant oak tree
I will await you patiently on the morrow, in hopes that you will finally find me.

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