Intimate Passion

As passion surfaces, intimacy is taken to another level. The insatiable heat of desire burns like a wild fire, and an unquenchable thirst gives rise to endless longing; the subtleties of her essence enthralling my inclination to the point of utter insanity, as I wildly express my love to her with primal instincts totally overtaking my body, pushing me to please her to levels of sensuality and ecstasy never before found. Her softness and femininity are savored as the moments are slowed down, and time is counted not in movements of the clock’s hand, but in movements of the waves of her pleasure. Her light brown eyes drive my desire. Kisses are given intensely and endlessly. The moans of her ecstasy and the movements of my sensuality are in beautiful synchrony.  I want her more and more. The length and texture of her hair alone, moves my soul and increases my passion. The scent of her passion and of her perfume causes me to tell her secret feelings of love inside me never expressed. Strong feelings of emotion flood my soul, and sexual intensity permeates my mind and body. With every passionate word, and with every erotic movement, we rekindle our love over and over. Our sounds of pleasure is the melody of intense love and the fire that burns within us. I am deeply immersed in her essence. Her love to me is a wondrous dream wrapped within a dream. I am captivated by passion; I am a slave to her love.

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