Winds of Hell

Of life’s trials
The billows of tribulation
I deeply inhale;
The hot and putrid smoke
Ascends from the dark abyss,
It burns my nostrils and blisters my skin
As it tests my will;
With tears in my eyes I will fight;
I will not relent,
For the winds of hell shall not prevail. 

Sunday 4:35 AM

I haven’t listened to any Baroque compositions in quite sometime. I felt it appropriate on this early Sunday morning to post this Missa tota by Bach, as an ode to NPR’s Sunday Baroque, where I first heard this wonderful choral composition. Admittedly I haven’t attended mass in years, as I have an Anglican background, but I guess this piece will serve as my mass for this morning. I am currently exploring the traditions of the Eastern Orthodox Church, which is totally irrelevant to this post but I wanted to say it nonetheless.

Additionally, I find Baroque compositions to be a soothing balm for the mind and I use the musical genre as a form of therapy, as I do many other genres of music.

Blessings and love to all of you.

J.S. Bach: Mass in B minor Kyrie Eleison (1)

Good Morning

Good morning to all the sufferers and brokenhearted.

Good morning to all you lovers and endless dreamers.

Good morning to everyone, and love to you all.

Once again, I will start my day with a pleasant cup of Irish coffee and a cigarette.

I think a special selection from the great Nancy Wilson is warranted to start my day.

Have a great day. 
Love and Light to all of you.

Nancy Wilson – Guess Who I Saw Today

Depths of Sorrow

There is a time
In life we know,
The depths of pain
When sorrows flow;

Inside my mind
Is where you’ll find
Where fires burn,
And billows blow;

I’d found a dream
In blessed light,
Till darkness robbed me
In the night;

It pulls me down;
It pulls me down;
With cruel intent,
And silent sound.

Loving Essence

I have kissed you with the kisses of adoration; I have loved you with the love of the essence of my heart. Our connection was predicted by the stars and consummated under a harvest moon. The galaxies whisper our names in loving adoration and high regard. Every season our passion increases more and more. After the twilight, we will make love and renew our vows in the darkness of night. I will hold you loving and closely, as we look out of our window and gaze upon the heavenly glory of the starlight.