Broken Hearts of Love

I come to you broken;
I come to you unloved:
I come to you with tears
But I come with a heart of love;
Please look past my faults,
And see my wounded soul;
Extend your precious love to me,
And make me whole;
Explore the depths of me,
And see my heart of gold;
Take me into your warmth,
And bring me out of the cold.

Sending Love

Whatever you are going through, there is someone, somewhere who knows your pain and suffering. Who knows the torment and the sleepless nights that follow you. Who knows that you’ve tried and tried again, but you just can’t seem to break through. Our spirits are connected through the pain we endure, and one day together our spirits will be free, and like an eagle we will soar above the mountains high with the sun shining on us and warming our hearts. We will breath in the clean air and release all unwanted thoughts and fear. Always remember there are true hearts that love you, and in the silent night with compassion they cry for you.


You left me, but you took a piece of my heart and soul with you;
Remember me as the man who always loved you;
Remember my vulnerabilities that I openly showed you;
Remember the nights that we comforted each other and cried together;
Remember your promise to always love me forever. 

Starlight Passion


Kiss me under the starlight, and let’s exchange loving whispers; see my joyous cries as my loving heart quivers; tell me your feelings and pour out your heart; tell me the things that you think in the dark. Sing me sweet songs of  your beauty and love; release my spirit and let me fly like a dove. My love, you are my sunshine; you are my light; you are my angel, and you are my life. I’ll caress your face in the dark of the night; I will please you endlessly in the morning light; I had dreamt of  you in an autumn’s dream; I had seen your reflection in a peaceful stream. Then you came to me on a winter’s night, and shared a passionate kiss, under bright starlight; I held you closely, emotions deep within. You whispered softly, “Let our love begin.”

My Essence

Look into my eyes 
And see my soul,
You will see my pain,
Fear, and sorrows untold;
You will see my suffering,
And you will see my plight;
You will see the darkness
That awakes me at night;
But there is a door
To a secret place,
Where my love is deep
And my sorrows are erased;
It is in this place
A bright light abounds,
And a peaceful stream,
Where my essence is found.



Listening to one of my favorites from Sade, I contemplated the fear, the character in the song experienced as she waited for her matador to come home, while expecting bad news.

Sade asks a very poignant question in her lyrics – “Can she tame the beast that is her fear?” I thought about this and realized how profound a question it is in our everyday lives. Fear is indeed a beast, and it is destructive and unforgiving. Can we temper our fear even in the face of adversity?


Peaceful Memories


Peaceful memories, wrap me in warmth and calm my thoughts; send me to a place of tranquility and love; infuse my mind with fond memories of my childhood, and let me see my mother’s face glowing in light. Kiss me with the kisses of solitude; hold me in the darkness of night; be my guiding light in dark and stormy seas. Shower me with feelings of love, and deep emotions; bring me back to that place of safety that sheltered me from the storm. Revive memories of laughter, and of those wonderful nights in the summer. Cover me in a warm blanket of peace, and bring happiness into my dreams; take me to the places of endless cherry blossom trees and vast lavender fields; let me float atop lush greenery in the sunshine, and remember all the beautiful and wondrous times. Let peacefulness and joy enter into my heart, and circulate through my bloodstream. Peaceful memories, please let me touch Polaris, in a late summer’s dream.


Raindrops fall on me;
Awaken my spirit,
And set me free;
Wash away my inhibitions,
And fear;
Wash away my sorrows
And despair;
I will close my eyes,
And shed joyous tears;
I will lift up my hands 
To the heavens,
And say a silent prayer;
Let the rain fall on me;
Let it drench me in the waters
Of healing and light;

Let it replenish my body,
And give my parched soul delight.
O most beautiful sky,
You have looked down upon me;
You have seen my sorrowful heart,
And witnessed my pain;
Now you cry for me,
And you have sent me your love
In the form of  your wondrous rain.

Hearts of Passion


My heart speaks to me. Love infuses me. Let me hold you closely. A passionate kiss is given; I look into your eyes and we share our thoughts without words being spoken. I love you with such heartfelt emotion; I love you with deep feelings hidden inside me that only you have discovered. I have dreamed of these days, and I have longed for these moments. My love, let us commune with each other in divine union. Light my spirit with your flames of love, and stimulate my body with passion; awaken my subconscious mind with beautiful dreams, and gorgeous thoughts of  you that are lasting. Let us walk slowly together hand in hand into peaceful rivers and kiss passionately, holding each other tightly, as our skin glistens brightly under the soft rays of the moonlight. Let us make impassioned love, and then slow dance in the dusk of the twilight. At midnight I will recite to you a poem of  love and intense emotions while you are asleep, and hope it floats into your subconscious, and rests in your heart. I will kiss your sweet lips once again my lady, as we vow to each other, that we will never be apart.

Sagittarius Woman


Sagittarius woman, let us become passionate lovers and enjoy each other. Your sensual nature enthralls me. I have dreamed many dreams of kissing you in the brightness of a full moon, and making passionate love to you under the starlight. Your smile intoxicates me with feelings of desire and lustful imagination. Your carefree ways incite my spirit to be free. Let’s escape on an adventure together; the fire that burns within you, also burns within me. In the heat of the moment our fire signs will merge together; your long hair and deep kisses are a wondrous pleasure.

Sagittarius woman, you are an exciting lady and never a bore; your beautiful spirit and honesty is refreshing and leaves me wanting more. Your love is like the many colors of the hibiscus flower in beautiful array. Your feelings are true; your passion runs as deep as the currents of the Atlantic ocean blue. Beautiful and wondrous lady, let me take of your essence to invigorate my spirit. Walking under a cherry blossom tree, in a yellow sundress, on a rainy day in the summer is where I saw you. You turned and looked at me, and in a moment’s notice, you captured my spirit eternally.

I want no other but you, and I will love you faithfully. Our love and fire cannot be quenched. We’ve spent many wonderful days and nights together. We’ve held deep intimate moments and passionately loved each other. Now autumn has come, and I can hold back my feelings for you no longer. Sagittarius woman, please accept my heartfelt notions and fervent feelings to be true. In the two seasons we have spent together, I have wholeheartedly and sincerely fallen in love with you.