Peaceful Memories


Peaceful memories, wrap me in warmth and calm my thoughts; send me to a place of tranquility and love; infuse my mind with fond memories of my childhood, and let me see my mother’s face glowing in light. Kiss me with the kisses of solitude; hold me in the darkness of night; be my guiding light in dark and stormy seas. Shower me with feelings of love, and deep emotions; bring me back to that place of safety that sheltered me from the storm. Revive memories of laughter, and of those wonderful nights in the summer. Cover me in a warm blanket of peace, and bring happiness into my dreams; take me to the places of endless cherry blossom trees and vast lavender fields; let me float atop lush greenery in the sunshine, and remember all the beautiful and wondrous times. Let peacefulness and joy enter into my heart, and circulate through my bloodstream. Peaceful memories, please let me touch Polaris, in a late summer’s dream.

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