Hearts of Passion


My heart speaks to me. Love infuses me. Let me hold you closely. A passionate kiss is given; I look into your eyes and we share our thoughts without words being spoken. I love you with such heartfelt emotion; I love you with deep feelings hidden inside me that only you have discovered. I have dreamed of these days, and I have longed for these moments. My love, let us commune with each other in divine union. Light my spirit with your flames of love, and stimulate my body with passion; awaken my subconscious mind with beautiful dreams, and gorgeous thoughts of  you that are lasting. Let us walk slowly together hand in hand into peaceful rivers and kiss passionately, holding each other tightly, as our skin glistens brightly under the soft rays of the moonlight. Let us make impassioned love, and then slow dance in the dusk of the twilight. At midnight I will recite to you a poem of  love and intense emotions while you are asleep, and hope it floats into your subconscious, and rests in your heart. I will kiss your sweet lips once again my lady, as we vow to each other, that we will never be apart.

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