I walk a lonely road where no one can find me. It seems that fear has engulfed me, and sorrow has overtaken me. Wide and fearsome eyes glow in the darkness and surround me. I hesitate to cry out, for I have accepted the reality of perpetual futility. Dark creatures hover above; it is my spirit they seek to take from me. In silent despair, I accept that my faith has left me, reluctantly. The road is dark and I can’t see anything in front of me. My blindness in the vast darkness has caused me to move painfully slowly. In sorrow, my will wanes, and my heart beats lethargically. In the chains and clutches of the dark place, my desire is to one day be free. Tears have fallen from my eyes like in a rainy season when raindrops fall from overcast skies. Who will hear my pleas? Who will acknowledge my cries? O most merciful God, please don’t abandon me now in my time of need, for the darkness seeks to consume me, and fear and sorrow have almost brought me to my knees.

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