Forever Love

If only I could tell her once more that I love her. If only I could reach out and touch her hand to comfort her. If only with tears in my eyes I could again whisper her favorite song. One more long kiss before we reunite again in eternity. We are inseparable in love eternally. Let the dreams we dreamed, flourish like a flower forever in your memory. My spirit will perpetually weep, until again we meet in heavenly glory. You loved me with a passion and depth that touched my soul indelibly. How can I accurately describe to the world your grace and your beauty? Your words of kindness and your love brought sunshine into my life. Strangers would stop and take notice of your countenance and light. I love you, with a love that is unconditional, and deep within me. I poured out my soul to you, as you listened quietly with intense love, and feelings that your eyes conveyed to my spirit intently. We have sealed our vows in love, and immersed them in the deep rivers of honor and loyalty. Until my dying day when we again see each other, my love, I swear on my soul that you will always live in my heart forever.

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