Silent Suffering

Silent suffering
Incessant pain,
undiagnosed trauma
And constant rain

In your darkest hour
Remember your name,
Search for strength
You are not to blame

Who can know your sorrow?
Who can know your plight?
Who can measure your resolve?
They haven’t lived your life

Years have passed
And you have endured,
Still the road is hard
Still you long for more

Peace of mind
Has been a dream,
Although you smile
It is not as it seems

Behind the eyes
Is where it stays
In silent suffering,
You live day by day.

4 thoughts on “Silent Suffering

  1. Wow.. I love this! Great piece.

    I feel like it represents a struggle that so many of us face and yet we probably couldn’t point to another person in our life that goes through it because we are all concealing our struggles so well.


    1. Thank you. You are right. Many of us go through our daily routine wearing the mask that we have learned to utilize so well. Our suffering is concealed and hidden from the world. Thank you for commenting and following.


      1. If I could only have reached but one person who would find a connection and at least some slight inspiration in my writing, it would have been worth it. I am glad that you resonated with my words.


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