Expressions of Love


My lady; how was your day? I have long awaited your arrival. Let me take the time to say I love you, and that you are a wonderful woman and excellent mother. This evening, let us do something out of the ordinary. Let us go out on the town and enjoy the evening.  Let me romance you, as we discuss the origins of our love, and remember our first kiss. Darling, you are a beautiful woman; your eyes speak to my soul. Your elegance is unprecedented, and your soothing voice moves me into deep and undiscovered emotions. I remember your tears of joy the day I asked you to be my wife, forever to love and cherish. I have taken you to your favorite restaurant, and have ordered your most enjoyable appetizers and entrees. We will savor sweet red wine with our fine meals, and share desert. How was your dinner my love? Allow me to move my chair closer to yours, so I can hold and kiss you. Let the crowds gaze upon our affection and see the nature of our true love. In these precious moments our love is rekindled over and over. I truly only have eyes for you. The night is young yet, my darling. Let us enjoy live music in an intimate setting, and slowly dance together while we kiss. I love seeing your smile and hearing your laughter, as humor fills our hearts. With the cares of the world behind us, a nightcap is certainly warranted. My lady, I want you now more than ever; let us take our leave and go to our home. We will explore each other passionately, and with profound sensuality. I will pleasure you unselfishly, and we will go to the deeper depths, and higher heights of intimacy. You are my one and only love. Goodnight honey; let us sleep in peaceful bliss.

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