Ode to The Cherry Blossom Tree


O lovely Cherry Blossom tree! In spring you bloom
And spread your glorious canopy; your edible petals
Invigorate my taste buds and cause my spirit to be happy;
Your fragrance is intoxicating; your natural perfume is
Wondrously lovely! Let me spend the morning and the
Evening with you; let me bask in your glory as I sit in the
Shade underneath your heavenly beauty; Your softness;
Your delicacy; your lovely pink and white colors: They all
Enthrall me! Your wonderful elegance is evident as you Pose
In gorgeous display! How many ways can I show my appreciation
And love for you, O Cherry Blossom? I await your yearly arrival 
With much anticipation and impatient glee; I prepare A picnic
Basket with savory wines and tasty appetizers to enjoy in the 
Presence of  your most inviting company! In the warmth of  the
Sunshine, on the bark of  your tree, I will write a lovely poem for you;
O lovely Cherry Tree! Next April come back, and please blossom once
Again for me.

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