Essence in Light


In her moment of solitude she has found peace and light in her heart. The tranquility of her mind overtakes her, as her body is warmed by the feelings of love and happiness. She lifts her head to the sky to witness the glory of the heavens as she whispers a short prayer. Tears roll down her face as she releases her heavy burdens, and as the light flushes out the darkness. The yokes of iron that held her captive, and in sorrow have been broken. The hurt that she carried so long has been decimated and replaced with healing; a soothing balm of unconditional love, understanding and peace of mind has covered her. The deep scars of the past have disappeared, and the pain in her memory has been washed away. She has come home to her true self; she has recaptured her spirit; her essence is more precious than the most polished of the rarest metals and diamonds. She had always been a free spirit, but she had lost her way. Her bright light was dimmed by the people who had used her and had taken freely of her essence. Her spirit was like a trapped bird wailing in sorrow to be released into the air to fly once more, but they could never take the hope and the beauty inside of her. Her eyes have cried so many tears, and she has endured so much pain. Nights of anguish without any sleep as she sought rest, but could find only anxiety, as intrusive thoughts invaded her mind. The weariness of her body and of her mind were enough to make the angels cry. Her heart is a hidden gem and light exudes from her. No one can take of her energy any longer, for she bathes in light and her essence has overtaken her. Her spirit has been made whole again in divine healing and she is blessed. She walks in the wondrous nature of the earth with joyous laughter and her spirit is free. The sounds of the valley streams are calming as she drinks of the pure and cool water, reviving her soul once more.

2 thoughts on “Essence in Light

  1. Breathtakingly beautiful! I want to know her more! I believe she now cries for the world which refuses to heal!? Go to the head of the poetic line to receive your crown! Bowing before a master talent.


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