Dark Waters

It has taken me away. It has dragged me into deeper and darker waters. It seeks to drown me. It seeks to degrade my essence and erode my will. We have contended a long time now. Many moons have passed since that first fateful night. It has left me breathless: it has aggravated me to no end; it has drained me. It is incessant in its pursuit. I have been dragged so far out into rough waters that I can barely see the shore; it wanes in the distance. As the dusk of the twilight comes, the waters appear even darker than before. Sharks and creatures of the night sea stalk my every move; they seemingly await my ultimate end with eager intent. I have lost count of the seasons since it took me from my home. I long for the warmth and comfort of my bed. I long for normalcy and peace in my house, but my reality is suffering and pain. I have swam; I have dove the deeper depths, only for it to pull me back. It has become my captor. It has forced me to dig into the deeper depths of my soul. I have found hope there; I have found the untouched parts of me. Still the waters are cold, and they render me listless as I lethargically wade in the darkness, while looking up at a bright full moon. The stars look down upon me and seem to weep at the poignancy of my plight. My flesh has become wrinkled and hypothermia has set in. Polaris winks at me as my will fades. I will take its signal and muster the strength for one more valiant swim. I will try to break free from the chains, and hitch a ride on the wings of the angels. The waters at the shore rise, as the full moon brings in the high tide; its light reflects on the dark waters.

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