Undying Love

The scent of her perfume intoxicates me. She is soft and feminine. Gold bangles on her wrists and she wears her necklace beautifully. She is loving and giving of herself. Always endearing. Always even tempered. Slow to anger and full of life. She is joyful. She is beautiful inside and out; a patient and loving mother who children adore and love. The tone of her voice is as calm and peaceful as a valley stream, and her songs are as beautiful as gold leaf. Her almond eyes are mysterious and entrancing; she is my friend, a queen who would never see her king fall.

When we are gone our legacy of love will forever touch the world and the remnants of our names will be eternally whispered. The depths and strength of our love spoken of like an ancient mystery. I could never replace her nor would I want to; her long black hair falls delicately and rests on the silhouette of her back. I stare in amazement and ponder, what can I do but smile? She smiles back at me and nothing needs to be said; no words spoken. I love her.

She is my lady and I care for her, and trust her with my life. In the morning when I go out she says a prayer for me and when I return she kisses me gently and embraces me in her warmth. I’ve missed her and it’s a joy to see her. We are forever  connected, and if she were ever to cry, her tears would be my tears, and when she laughs her joy is my joy. As night falls the moon is bright. I open a window to let in the cool night air, and as she lie, the moonlight reflects on her shimmering skin. Her face and body are illuminated; she is beautiful. She falls asleep peacefully and I cover her body with white linen and kiss her. It begins to storm outside.

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