Sentiments of Love

Her elegance and the the way she moves captivates me. She brushes her long hair and begins to sing. Joy fills the room and she is happy. I love these moments with her; the way she takes away the restless thoughts and worries of the world. She is a free spirit. An intelligent and kind woman whose beauty is unparalleled. She is a breath of fresh air; eclectic, and non-argumentative; we come together in love and understanding. We live in peace and harmony. We had both been hurt before and we found each other. Two kindred souls who had loving hearts, and a lot of love to give. We were a haven and a shelter for one another. We embraced and wrapped ourselves in the warmth of our love and we never looked back.

I love looking at her; she brings me joy and warms my heart. We talk effortlessly. So much emotion; so much love. So many feelings involved. I had prayed to find a woman like her; to find real love. A love that can’t be explained or conveyed. A love that is unbreakable. We spent many late nights sharing our stories of hurt and pain. We cried together; we bonded and held each other. We both found a rock and shelter in the storm; a haven for the brokenhearted and those with heavy sorrows. A place with warmth and light; a place where there is joy and peace. We value it; we fight for it. It is worth more than gold. More than diamonds. We honor each other. We love each other.

It is a deeper understanding that is ethereal in nature. A heavenly experience; so much more than anything physical. It’s a transcending of this world, and of time and space. Our connection is an unprecedented occurrence that is dynamic in nature. Exuberant, and as bright as the sun. The immense constellations connect and tell the tale of our love. Light is released and every dark place is illuminated. We are one. Inseparable in this life and the next; distance could never hinder us; time could never break us. Death could never conquer us. Our hearts beat as one. Our descendants will carry our light and spread love throughout the world, touching hearts and minds. Eternally our love will live on.

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