I lie awake at night, but sleep all day. My existence is in darkness because I can no longer see the light. I walk amongst the shadows because fear has debilitated my will. My thoughts consume me day by day. I am turned away and unloved by many who claim to understand my sorrow. Intrusive thoughts flood in, and amplify my trepidation. I am shunned by society and family. I feed on different forms of therapy to survive. I seek happiness, but to no avail. I am paralyzed as my heart rate increases and I start to sweat. I hope for release from my pain, but it seems I am destined to live in perpetual darkness. I am a vampire.

Midnight Euphoria

Midnight kisses
Are given passionately
And softly,
In concealment 
Of darkness,
As silent anticipation rises,
Leading to euphoric
Eruptions internally,
Taking over 
Your body totally,
As we let go,
And bathe in the warmness
Of ecstasy;
The melodic sounds
And tones of  your pleasure
Playing vividly
In my mind perpetually,
As our sensual motions
Flow in flawless unity,
Like a wonderful symphony.