Sentimental Thoughts


The face of an angel. Gorgeous glowing skin, pearly white teeth and a beautiful smile. She can light up any room and brighten the faces of those she encounters. A radiance is around her and she is beautiful. She radiates love, tenderness, empathy, and care for others. She is a strong woman who has been through many trials and tribulations; the life lessons she has learned, enables her to be a mother to those who are motherless and a comforter to the hopeless and fearful. Many have cried before her while telling the stories of their pain and suffering. She is a quiet and patient listener; her eyes convey the depth of her emotion and her face is flush with empathy. She dries their eyes and gives a soft kiss on the cheek. That alone comforts; that alone gives the strength to carry on another day. The notion that someone cares. This beautiful angel that gives of herself; a woman who has genuine sympathy for those who are lost and trying to find their way through this world. She was lost before and now knows the way out of the darkness. She holds the light, and many follow because they trust her; because they love her.   

Every time they leave her, they take a piece of her with them. Sometimes she gets tired; the constant giving of herself and of her essence can be burdensome, but she is strong enough to carry it. She arrives home and her husband has prepared a warm bath for her. He kisses her and holds her tight. He has a special affinity, love and appreciation for her, and he honors her. You see, he had given up on life. He was without hope and love, and she saved his life. She believed in him and gave him a reason to live. She gave him the love he needed. She fed and clothed him, and she cared for him. He loves her more than can be described by any words, and he is now a rock for her. She can lean on him and he is a shelter in the storm. He protects her and would lay down his life for her without question. Often time, he reflects on how her love rescued him from a life of pain and misery, and tears can’t be held back. He holds and kisses his wife. Tears roll down her face at the remembrance of the struggles they both went through and the undying love they now have for each other. “I love you so much, thank you for loving me” he says with tears in his eyes. “ I will always love you,” she says softly.

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